It is important that we understand the intentions and branding of the product before diving into the styling of the product.

Product Styling & Set Building 



Firstly, we would want to have a clear grasp of your product directions. Hence, we provide a 1-to-1 consultation that will affirm the objectives of shooting the product, this is to bring us closer in achieving your marketing campaign goals. Only then, we can proceed onto the styling and set building phase.


Product styling is a form of art and it expresses precision and the physical science behind the artwork.

Styling is also a representation of our passion and the pursuit of aesthetics. We understand that each product is different. Instances like food are considered as a malleable product, which certainly has its limitations (a short shelf lifespan).

The STyle


Working with limitations is our expertise as we innovate to work things around by providing optimal solutions. Bending on the rules of science enables us to create styled shots that were once seen impossible to be seemingly possible to the viewers.

Working with Limitations 


“Style to Defy”

Gravity-defying art is what we produce in the visuals. This captures your audience’s attention. Styled with ‘beautiful plating’, set building and propping techniques, we ensure that our star, your product would have secured that ‘spotlight’ in your market.


About Us


Tristeps Studios is a media production house specialised in visual engineering & sensorial art photography and videography for food, products, corporate & commercial. We are proud to be a leader in Slow-motion Videography in Singapore

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