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[Xing Fu Tang Launches 6 New Drinks!] A Glimpse of Food Styling and Food Photography

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Bubble tea has been firmly established as a necessity to many boba lovers across our sunny island and we are proud to be part of this project as avid bubble tea drinkers...

We were thrilled to work with Xing Fu Tang again! Tristeps Studios shot for the launch of their latest Dalgona and Fruit Tea Series in Singapore! Xing Fu Tang is a Taiwanese bubble tea brand founded in 2018. The brand has flourished and thrived to more than 100 stores across the globe. The brand is known for its Instagram-worthy Brown Sugar Boba Milk alongside with its signature swirls of brown sugar boba prepared in-stores daily, ensuring freshness in each cup.

Our creative team had the opportunity to be once again the brains behind the conceptualisation and execution of the Xing Fu Tang’s Brand New Drinks, the Dalgona and Fruit Tea series.

1. Dalgona Series

Yes Dalgona! You no longer have to whip them yourself because Xing Fu Tang got you covered. The brand will be introducing 4 new variations for this series and they are the Dalgona Milk, Dalgona Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk, Dalgona Crunch and Rose Dalgona (sweet pink rose syrup whipped foam, so beautiful!) The Rose Dalgona is also an exclusive drink launched in light of the upcoming National Day 2020!

These drinks are fused with different hues of browns, from the thick and foamy Dalgona to the signature swirls of brown sugar glazed along each cup, a Scandinavian themed shoot will complement the products best! The Scandinavian design is marked by minimalistic aesthetics and a focus of clean wood-toned furnitures and treatments of natural lights.

Our art director and food stylist worked closely together and incorporated the scandi elements for this product shoot. And here are some snippets of our work-in-progress before the production of our final artworks:

Fun Fact:

Our Food Photographer actually replicated the rays of sunlight and made use of a fake window frame made out of cardboard to cast shadows in the background for set building!

2. Fruit Tea Series

Introducing two new fruit teas - Strawberry Green Tea and Mango Green Tea. Each cup of tea comes with freshly sliced strawberries and mangoes respectively, perfect for fruit lovers! These tropical fruits are vibrant and refreshing which influenced us to explore the colour blocking techniques.

So what exactly is colour blocking? This technique requires us to pair 2 or more bold colours that are opposites on the colour-wheel together to form interesting and complementary colour combinations.

In this case, we picked striking colours for our set background and hand painted our props to colours such as yellow, orange, light pink, and some white. We also got some palm leaves to recreate tropical vibes which goes really well with the products this time round!

Here’s a glimpse at our set construction! We loved how the pictures turned out!

We’re glad to walk you through our production process at Tristeps Studios. Checkout our previous project with Xing Fu Tang last year and see our photography works come to life!

At Tristeps Studios, we weave stories for your brand through powerful visuals and we specialise in Food Photography and Slow-motion Videography. Feel free to contact us if you’re looking to create some stunning visuals today! If you're a foodie, do take a look visit our page for some food porn!

Stay tuned for more exciting visuals! Till then, stay safe!

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