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Xing Fu Tang Drink’s Got Us Into the Christmas Mood

2020 has caught us by surprise and who doesn’t like surprises?

While everyone is busy searching for Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 online to surprise their loved ones, Xing Fu Tang got us drinks that will definitely get us in the Christmas / holiday mood, to pair alongside our Christmas dinners.

Here are the new series of bubble tea you can choose from:

Creamy Mango Cheesecake – $5.50

Creamy Strawberry Cheesecake – $5.50

Matcha Cheesecake – $4.90

Sea salt Chocolate Cheesecake – $4.90

Luckily for us, we managed to get some first-hand tasting experience before deciding on the mood board. Let us bring your through our food photography thought process!

[Thought process]

The client had requested for a cozy feel that encompasses a white decor base and backdrop.

The team felt that white shouldn’t only be the theme for a jolly Christmas but to also add in wood elements such as wooden planks as the base and apple wood sticks as coasters.

(Initial sketch)

It was late July when we were shooting this; these Christmas cookies were a challenge to find!

(Searching high and low for the impossible gingerbread man cookies)

With the encouragement from the gingerbread men's cheeky grins, we began to place them with the other props we have prepared. Red and green are no doubt the colours of Christmas, and we have selected those with the corresponding colours to be part of the shoot.

(Real wood craftsmanship)

Although we do not experience snow in Singapore, we decided to shower them with some “snow” to ramp up the Christmas vibes even further. Since there are four different drinks, we made sure to include elements representing the drinks to make sure each drink got the attention they deserved.

(Final image)

Overall, it was a light-hearted shoot with delightful drinks, just like the previous shoot we did with Xing Fu Tang. Head down to your nearest Xing Fu Tang outlet today, before the season’s over.

Remember to check out Xing Fu Tang's #12daysofHappiness promo ranging from $1 baby dalgona drinks to 50% off selected drinks. It’s a season full of joyous drinks at our selection! To stay updated on the promos, head down to their Instagram page for more information.

At Tristeps Studios, we weave stories for your brand through powerful visuals and we specialise in Food Photography and Slow-motion Videography.

Feel free to contact us if you’re looking to create some stunning visuals today, and head down to our Instagram for more merry images like these.

Have a holly jolly Christmas and remember to stay safe!






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