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[TVC Production - Hite Extra Cold] Behind the Scenes of a Video Production at Tristeps Studios!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Did you know that HiteJinro is Korea’s number one liquor company? HiteJinro is not only known for their beer but the 100% Korean company conquered the Soju market in Korea, successfully acclaiming its brand image of JINRO as the national soju!

Recently, our team at Tristeps Studios produced our very own Slow-motion TVC with none other than the best-selling Korean beer - Hite Extra Cold!

Our videographers ventured into our expertise of slow-motion shooting techniques with a blend of real time action and not forgetting CGI in the post-production phase. This production consisted of many takes before bringing the whole video to perfection.

Parts where the beer was descending down in a circular motion was shot in 3 separate parts, then stitched together and took us 30 tries before achieving the intended effect we wanted.

Also, we tried to simulate snow in the background to bring across the ‘extra cold’ sentiment of the beer. The snow puffing scene was shot separately and was composed onto the video in post-production. It was not easy to attain the snowy effect as our background was too plain to mask the entire scene to blend the clips together.

Here are some snippets of our Videographers at work!

Our passionate Videographers at work!

Head over to our Instagram to view the final Production!

At Tristeps Studios, we love exploring new possibilities and visual solutions! We are proud to be one of Singapore’s pioneers for slow motion Videography Production!

Feel free to connect with our friendly team today! Till then, stay tuned for more exciting visuals and stay safe!

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