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Travel around the world with Xing Fu Tang!

Updated: Mar 10

2021 is here!

While we are busy wishing each other Happy New Year, the team here at Tristeps Studios has been working on a new project with Xing Fu Tang yet again.

This time, Xing Fu Tang has decided to bring us on a virtual world tour (since Covid-19 cases are still on the rise) with their flavours and recipes. The first country we will be travelling to is Thailand!

For this particular shoot, we got to do it in our new boutique studio space that was open officially last Friday, 26 February 2021. We even had the Xing Fu Tang team come over to let our team try on their uniform. Check out Henry rocking it:

[Thought Process]

When it comes to Thai cuisine, Thai milk tea is definitely one of the most notable drinks that we can think of. Hence, we have made sure to highlight on the rich tea flavour by including some dynamic tea-making actions in the background. The handmade red ruby pearls are what makes this drink unique to Xing Fu Tang — they are made from real chestnuts!

Thai Milk Tea

For the Mango Sticky Rice Drink, the artist has decided to include greens by incorporating real banana leaves as the silhouette. This will elevate the freshness of the mangoes, while giving a pop of colour!

Mango Sticky Rice

Bringing out the tropical vibes was important for this particular drink, so we decided to use plants with vibrant colours, whilst using jasmine petals and crushed mints to showcase Xing Fu Tang’s authentic tea mix and handmade Cha-Yen pearls.

Thai Green Milk Tea

Don’t forget to XingFuTang at #tastetheworldwithXFT when you take photographs of you and your friends enjoying the drinks! Head down to Xing Fu Tang's Instagram to make sure you don't miss out on any of their new series releases.

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