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The Alley x The King: Eternal Monarch Finally Launches in Singapore!

Have you watched the highly popular SBS Korean Drama on Netflix: The King? Led by top A-list actors in South Korea Lee Minho and Kim Go-eun. We watched it and we loved how the story took place in two parallel worlds connected by a mysterious portal!

The production team of The King collaborated with The Alley, the famous bubble tea chain with more than 300 stores across the globe. The Alley was featured many times in the series and the participation of The Alley in this drama production bolstered the aesthetics and also the quality taste of life to viewers.

Did you spot any new drinks and merchandise in The King? I hope you did because the Crunchy Milk Tea Series will be available in all The Alley Singapore outlets from 14 July 2020! And that means we can finally have a taste of the same drinks featured in the drama, drank by Lee Minho and Kim Go-eun!

Our team at Tristeps Studios were invited to The Alley’s tasting event recently for the Crunchy Milk Tea Series and we got to try all 3 flavours and we shall give our verdicts so you could pick the one closest to your tastebuds’ liking!

Crunchy Cocoa Milk Tea

The ingredients include: Classic Milk Tea (which will be ice blended), swirls of Hazelnut Chocolate, Sweet Milk Foam, Crumbled Butter Biscuits and last but not least, Pearls! This is a cup for hazelnut and chocolate lovers, with a really strong hint of hazelnut which is what makes this drink special!

Crunchy Brown Sugar Milk Tea

The ingredients include: 100% Homemade Brown Sugar Syrup, Classic Milk Tea, Sweet Milk Foam, Pearls and Crumbled Butter Biscuits.

Layered with ice blended milk tea, pearls, sweet milk foam and topped with a generous amount of buttered biscuits, these 4 distinct layers each with its own unique consistency and flavours is the one for people with a sweet tooth!

Crunchy Tiramisu Milk

The ingredients include: Coffee, Mascarpone Tiramisu Cream, Pearls, Crumbled Buttered Biscuit, and Cocoa Powder. Paging for all coffee lovers out there, here’s the drink for you! Do note that this drink does not contain any tea. This is our favourite out of the 3 drinks because of its rich coffee taste, a dessert in a cup that is creamy, flavourful and bursting with crunchy and chewy textures with every bite you put in your mouth!

Each drink was put together so nicely and the flavours harmonise incredibly! There’s always a drink for everyone out there, from chocolate lovers to coffee drinkers! Hurry up to your nearest The Alley outlet and grab a cup from the 14 July 2020! Each cup will be served with a bubble tea straw and a spoon for you to taste the goodness of all the toppings!

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