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[Neon/ Strobe Light Photography] The Magic Behind Artificial Illumination Disclosed!

Hey guys! We’re back with our newest ‘flashy’ project! Our team has recently worked with a new restaurant called Fatbowls for their innovative menu items ranging from rice to pasta and their signature mashed bowls.

Fatbowls’ brand essence encompasses a vibrant and youthful personality. And what symbolises these characteristics none other than the layering of gloss and glow effects neon lights stimulate?!

Our team of gaffers, (sets-up and maintains lighting and lighting-related electrical needs on production sets), food stylists and photographers dived into the Neon lights aesthetics and created a Star Wars look for this project. Our strobe lights look like lightsabers, don’t they?

According to our gaffer, there are several problems we have to take into consideration while shooting:

  1. The Ambient Light - luminosity cannot be directly controlled

  2. The Strobe Light - luminosity can directly be controlled and colours can be changed accordingly!

In order to capture the main dish in a futuristic environment with ease, our gaffer made sure to eliminate as much ambient light as possible. This is because the best neon lights/ lightsaber photography are captured in the dark where the light source is solely obtained from the strobe lights.

We loved how the neon strobe lights instantly draw us into Fatbowls’ colourful world!

At Tristeps Studios, we weave stories for your brand through powerful visuals and we specialise in Food Photography and Slow-motion Videography. Feel free to contact us if you’re looking to create some stunning visuals today! If you're a foodie, do take a look visit our page for some food porn!

Stay tuned for more exciting visuals! Till then, stay safe!

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