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Jumbo cockles to warm our hearts!

“It warms the cockles of our heart”

Everyone should remember the famous quote by the famous man, Jamus Lim. Recently, our team had a shoot for Kin Hoi, an authentic Thai cuisine company which are known for their jumbo cockles and fresh seafood menu.

Their aim was to get more prospective patrons to be salivated by our photos, which will be used on their menu.

Here are some of the completed images:

Seafood Boom

Indo Pacific Deep Sea Jumbo Grilled Prawns (8 PIECES) – Koong Lai Suea Talay Pacific Phao

Thai Grilled Squid

The food is not only tantalising in the images, but the team felt that the seafood was very juicy and fresh as they're air-flown daily. We highly recommend everyone to get them now, available via delivery, pre-orders and dine-ins.

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