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Like in all good books, there is a three-stage story, setup, confrontation and resolution. Similarly, the stages in production are Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production, each phase has its challenges in the journey. The goal at the end is to have a dedicated product created just for your project. Let’s take a closer look at these stages!


Typically, at the start of every Hero’s journey, we are introduced to a scenario that has a goal and an opposing force. The protagonist then plans and embarks on his quest.


Just like in Pre-Production, planning is key and pivotal to the success of the final video.


When we begin on a project, we translate our ideas into key visuals and propose them to ensure clarity in the team. We then move on to the mood-boards and story-boards that will be presented for further discussion and affirmation. Logistics, locations and wardrobes will also be discussed as the next step.


From idealization, to storyboard and video treatment. We are confident that we are able to tell a story about your brand that not only fulfills the objective but also create awareness.


Set building is a foundation in every commercial shoot.


What supporting subjects are required in the composition of this photo?

What kind of texture backdrop should the product be placed on in this video? 

How do we recreate that illusion of having a gigantic wall of ice behind your product? 

Will this setup embody the direction that you wish to portrait your brand?


All these are factors that we consider when we embark on new creative journeys with you, our clients! 




On average the duration for a video shoot can go for as short as a 4-hour shoot (half a day), all the way to 2-3 days. It depends on the complexity of each scene, the number of locations and the number of talents involved. Each project is different, and the challenges may vary.


Where dragons are fought, and fellowships are tested with metal and magic, we rise to the challenge with our industry grade equipment! We are able to film a myriad of footages, from slow-motion videos to macro footages.


Lighting plays a huge part in our production as well, it gives your visuals the definition and depth to create stunning captures. Understanding how lighting works, whether it is in a controlled environment like in a studio, or the great outdoors, is very important because it affects how your subject is perceived through the lens. Lighting may vary between scenes, but the standard of lighting techniques has to be kept consistent in order to keep the flow of the video or to standardize the art direction of a series of photos. With our lighting equipment and team of experts, we will dazzle your eyes with what we are able to do!


The production stage has a lot of weight to it, not just in the sense of heavy lifting of equipment, but also intention on how the lights are placed to achieve the desired look on camera and the management of the tools and people on site. Which is crucial, because without any usable footage, there can be no post-production.


POST Production

This is the phase where the magic happens. 


Colour grading is part of the editing process; it is the editor’s intention to convey a certain mood that must be in-line with the direction and treatment of the project. Overall, it improves the aesthetics of the final footage by a ton!


With our library of sound effects, we are able to pace the video and set the tonality and pace of the video. Will your viewers perceive it to be an upbeat and trendy video? Or will they think that it is a solemn and modern video. Usually, before the video reaches its first minute, audiences will be able to have a sense of what kind of video they are watching just by listening to the first 30 seconds. Which is why, understanding what tracks to use in a video is just as important as the visuals on your video.


If voiceover is required, we have the equipment to ensure that the audio quality is clear and crisp, so that no details are lost. Audio clarity is necessary because the message being conveyed in commercial videos are usually written to educate potential audiences about a brand or create a call to action. The words uttered has to be clear, lest it becomes an aberration on the video’s viewing experience.


The icing on the cake would be adding that sweet VFX (visual effects) to your video. Visual effects are what you see in animated logos, motion graphics used in title sequences, adding that fireball that comes out from a wand in a scene. All these are within the category of VFX. The visuals that we create from our imagination and then materializing in our computers may be that edge that puts you apart from your competition!


But why should you care?


Usually VFX and compositing are specialized skills that are used in big budgeted films and commercials. The reason is because it generates audience retention by staying on the video by having intricate motion graphics or stunning visual effects in the video. Not only that, if executed and complimented well with the video, it actually gets people talking. Pushing your brand’s awareness even further!


Even though post-production is the last phase in creative production, it does not mean that there is less work to be done. Every project has its own unique set of requirements, some may have the bulk of the work done in production and lesser work is needed in post-production. While another project may require more time in post-production due to the amount of visual effects and audio mixing required. You will notice that each creative journey is unique, which is why we are always excited to find new ways to deliver your projects and meet its criteria.


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